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For us statisticians, europe is part of our everyday life

In the context of the French Presidency of the EU Council, an article written by Ms. Sylvie Lagarde (Director of Methodology and International Statistical Coordination) has been published on the INSEE blog. It is entitled “For statisticians, Europe is a daily reality” and here is a short introductory extract :

As France is currently taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, INSEE will preside over the destiny of European statistics. The availability of harmonised, reliable and rapidly produced data is increasingly necessary to fully support the single market, to better enable the steering of European public policies as well as to further facilitate meaningful comparison with other EU countries. As a matter of fact, two thirds of ourvarious statistics here at INSEE are currently produced under a European regulation.

Our first challenge as European statisticians is to produce easily comparable statistics. The second challenge is to ensure strong confidence in European official statistics, one which requires great professional independence and impartial, high-quality production. Both are guaranteed by the European Code of Practice, first adopted in 2005, and the Regulation on European Statistics (223/2009). The Code notably provides a shared framework for the regular visits of our European peers. In 2021, the report by these independent experts concerning France concluded that a high level of compliance with the principles of the Code have been reached.

You can find the full article on the INSEE blog at the following address :