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EU statisticians support Ukraine

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) of the European Union have expressed their support for the Ukrainian people. On behalf of the French Presidency of the EU Council Working Party on Statistics, Jean-Luc Tavernier (Director General of INSEE) and Mariana Kotzeva (Director General of Eurostat) sent the following letter to Ihor Verner (Director General of the Ukrainian NSI) and his teams :

Dear Ihor, dear colleagues,

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is an unprecedented international conflict in Europe over the last half-century. It is provoking many deaths and huge damage in your country, that the international community finds appalling.

The European statistical community, that we represent as respectively Director general of Eurostat and President of the EU Council Working Party on Statistics, would like to express its strongest support and solidarity to your country, your National Statistical Institute and yourself.

We all dearly hope that this invasion urgently comes to an end, and that peace is restored.

We send you our warmest regards,

Mariana Kotzeva, Director General of EUROSTAT
Jean-Luc Tavernier, Director General of INSEE